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Foreign Update

  • Love & Hip Hop Atl:Reunion Part I Recap (Joseline Stevie J Benzino And Althea Explode)

    #L&HHATL Reunion Part I Recap

    This reunion starts with everyone getting ready in their dressing rooms, talking shit as usual. The producers meet up with everyone to make sure everything’s going to be cordial on stage. Really!?! We already know the shits about to hit the fan. Are you ready to rumble!?!

    The Comedic Diva Sommore hosts the Love & Hip Hop Atl cast for last night’s shenanigans, and goes right into the Scrappy, Bambi, and Erica P. fiasco. Bambi is not letting Erica P., how do you become an aspiring side chick lol. Erica D., Scrappy’s baby mother let’s Bambi know that karma is a bitch, because now she knows how it felt when she decided to sleep with Scrappy when he was still engaged to Erica D. Mama Dee agrees that she is Bi-polar and no one will ever be good for her son although she does like Bambi.

    As the drama and arguing continues between Bambi and Erica P., the conversation shifts over to Scrappy and Erica D.’s chemistry. Erica D. takes this as an opportunity to put Scrappy on blast about them still having sex and getting it in together. Scrappy denies it and puts it on his daughter and God that he did not eat the cookie lol. I’m believing Erica D. on this oneCreator and Executive producer Mona Scott confronts Scrappy after he threatens to leave the Reunion taping. She doesn’t understand why a man would get so upset about 3 women exposing the fact that he’s smashed all 3 of them. I don’t get it either Mona (side eye).

    Boring ass Rahseeda and tired ass Kirk start discussing Babygate. I’m just they are back on track and Kirk is not still on that foolishness. Now, Karlie Redd on the other hand is a straight fool if you ask me. Karlie reveals that she only flirted with R&B singer Jeremih to make Yung Joc jealous. If you ask me, it didn’t seem like a real relationship anyway (side eye Mona Scott), but entertaining none the less.

    Yung Joc is hilarious. Apparently he lets it be known that Karlie Redd was very physically abusive towards and even once woke u Karlie standing over him in bed accusing him of cheating and fractured his finger trying to grab his phone. Karlie confirms the crazy story. Joc was quick to check Sommore when she introduced his new girl KD a.k.a Telly tubby/Ms. Piggy as his side chick. But the best part of the conversation was Karlie Redd’s expertise of using her foot on Joc for sexual pleasures, where can we take a class lol?

    Yung Joc & Karlie Redd

    Click here to read more.

    - Crawford Confidentials

  • What’s Jim Jones Beef with Dame Dash?

    Out of nowhere and with no other explanation Jim Jones posted a picture of Dame Dash with some non too friendly words as captioned:

    “This nigga here is th real culture vulture n a thief fuck faggot lol back to my day,”

    It reads on capo’s instagram account.

    It wasn’t long before the flick went viral, Dame posted a picture of him and Jim laughing it up just as confused as the followers on the instagram e-streets for the random attack.

    Dash had this to say:

    “I’m not sure what exactly would make @jimjonescapo disrespect me publicly or any kind of way but if it’s over money or Buisness i really don’t think that’s the most productive way to deal with things…but I’m always open for discussion as long as we speak as men…” he wrote.

    “I would never be ignorant enough to get on some tuff shit… That’s what’s killing our culture… I have nothing but love for you despite your disrespect…we are all kind of used to the way you react in the moment but it’s just not positive or productive for the culture….let’s lead by example…we can’t be fighting each other it makes us all look dumb harlem does stick together we never fight each other… Please don’t try to make a positive thing look negative….if you have a real issue we can talk about it…my daughter is on this Instagram…. And I love your family my nigga… Let’s hug it up…. We dont need to be fighting #harlemstickstogether.”

    Let’s hope that Dame call to peace on Jim Monkeyfoolishness and we can all go about our business.

    Yet there is many questions left unanswered. Things that make you say, hmm.

    Let us know what you think cause Jim Jones to unleash the beast on Dame Dash.

  • Man Shot At Wiz Khalifa Concert

    Wiz Khalifa is one of the last artists you would think associate with violence, which makes this story extra cray cray. A man was shot and killed backstage at the Pittsburgh rapper’s show in San Jose on Friday night (August 22), which led him to the cancel his next show.
    According to TMZ, two men got into an argument backstage. One pulled out a gun and shot the other man at least five times before fleeing. The victim died from his injuries while the shooter is still at large.

    All of this occurred while Wiz was still performing on stage.
    The incident led to the cancellation of last night’s show in Chula Vista, Ca., says TMZ.

    “Due to a situation out of our control, tonight’s UTIOM show is cancelled,” tweeted Wiz yesterday.

    “This was a senseless tragedy. Violence is never the answer. My prayers go out to the victim’s family.”

    According to the police they believe neither Wiz nor anyone in his entourage were involved in the shooting.

    Wiz may have to beef up his security a little. That is sad Monkeyfoolishness.

    Our prayers go out to the victim’s family.

  • Suge Knight shot early this morning

    Suge Knight, one the scariest Ceos’ in the music industry in our time was caught slippin. Death Row Records own Suge Knight, was shot multiple times this morning August 24th at a West Hollywood night club. The reports says Suge was walking out of a pre-VMA party hosted by Chris Breezy on his own but left in an ambulance and  police, per TMZ.
    Suge Knight’s family and friends and people that attended the party confirmed he was shot six times and that injuries were not fatal but had surgery early this morning.

    Sheriff’s and officials reported that two men and a woman were wounded. They were taken to hospitals and all three are expected to recover.


    Details are slowly leaking but TMZ broke the story obviously being the first on scene. They reported that four to six shots were fired around 1:30 a.m. In a 61-second video that TMZ released the man on the clip looks exactly like Suge Knight. In the video Suge is seen being wheeled out on a stretcher by Emts.

    “It’s disappointing that we as a society can’t have fun or enjoy ourselves without any altercations sometimes,” Chris Brown tweeted after the shooting.

    Actor/ model Tyson Beckford tweeted:

    #sugeknight injured at @1OAKSunset @chrisbrown @TysonCBeckford
    Was this a hit on Suge Knight? Rumor is Suge is behind 2 PAC and Biggie’s death, is this retaliation?


    Suge  had surgery this morning and is expected to be ok, we will keep u updated

  • Nick and Mariah’s Divorce



    Who would have thought this would happen… well i did.

    Nick Cannon confirmed that his six-year marriage to Mariah Carey is on the rocks.
    The 33-year-old “America’s Got Talent” host broke his silence Thursday about his rumored impending divorce from Carey, 44.

    “We have been living in separate houses for a few months,”Cannon told The Insider. “(Right now) my main focus is my kids,”

    It was reported earlier the couple has already gotten lawyers involved to negotiate property and custody agreements over their 3-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe.

    Their relationship suffered a big hit when Cannon appeared on Big Boy’s radio show in March and named Kim Kardashian as one of the celebrities he has bedded.

    I bet she tore into Nick for weeks about that. We all know how crazy Carey can get.

    Kardashian and Nick bed rumble wasn’t the only source of friction between the spouses: Carey has reportedly felt “abandoned” by Cannon because of his work schedule. The songstress felt Cannon was spending too much time away from her and their children.

    In my opinion that not something they should divorce about. I think she looking for a way out if you ask me. If the man don’t work he is called a male gold digger. Remember a man who doesn’t work, doesn’t eat.

    It has been told by E! News, they have been living apart for a while. This is not all of a sudden. There have been issues between them for a while and they are not getting along. Apparently, a riff in his marriage was caused when he bragged about having slept with the reality TV starlet. Wrong move man. Xnay on the exsay about imkay….pig lantin for shut the hell up. SMH especially if y’all going through shit.

    Other sources say she wants to end it and it has been in the works for months, which is why her house in the Bahamas and the house in Bel Air are on the market.”

    Carey and Cannon married on April 30, 2008, at the Carey’s Bahamas estate and every year since, the two made effort to renew their vows. Except for this past April it did happen.

    No word yet from Mariah Carey camp about the pending divorce.

    So tell us, do you think Ms. Mariah overreacting and should get over Nick’s past.

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Every super woman needs a super man>>>>>>>>>>

Hi peeps... Join www.farfromusual.com and meet,chat,get updates from around the world and many more...You are far from usual!

by Ade