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Foreign Update

  • Jennifer Hudson half brother charged with attempted murder

    If this doesn’t send chills down your back then I don’t know what will … Recent reports alleges that Jennifer Hudson’s half-brother is in jail, for allegedly repeatedly stabbing a man in the face … The man he stabbed in the face was involved in a sexual relationship with his ex wife. Rumor is he and his wife are estranged, so we are unsure what fueled his anger to lead him to commit this violent act.

    This is nothing but a reminder of the tragedy in the Hudson family experienced in the past. If you guys remember William Balfour, the ex-boyfriend of Jennifer’s sister Julia murdered her mother,brother and nephew in a jealous rage. Which was triggered by what he thought was a gift to Julia from her new boyfriend. Scary reminder of the past.

    Steven Simpson is now in custody in Paw Paw, Michigan, and he’s expected to be charged with home invasion and attempted murder. As he should,people are losing their minds these days.
    As the story develops we will update y’all.

  • Love & Hip Hop Atl: Season Finale Recap

    #L&HHATL Season Finale Recap

    It is here, it is here, the season finale of Love & Hip Hop Atl Recap. Are you as siked for this foolishness as I am? Well, let’s just jump right in.

    The episode starts off with Benzino & Hoethia, I mean Altheia (side eye) planning their low budget, shotgun wedding. Drama seems to follow these two, whether it’s Althea fighting with Erica & Karlie Redd, or Benzino being childish going back and forth with Joseline via Instagram! I mean damn, are they endorsed by the gram?

    On the other side of town Tammy and Waka talk about using a fertility clinic to help them conceive. Is it me, or is it weird that Waka has the most normal relationship on this damn show, lol? I’d fast forward through their scenes if they weren’t so cute together. Doctors have informed Wka and Tammy that something is wrong with Waka’s sperm count, but that’s something that can possibly be fixed. From babies to shower rods, that’s how it goes. Nikko is really pushing, not only did this fool talk Mimi into this sextape but now this idiot is trying to capitalize on the situation by releasing a record called “Shower Rod”! He is really about his coin, that boy is ugly though. I don’t get how Mimi got swooned by the baboon.

    Mimi & Nikko

    Click here to read more.

    -Crawford Confidentials

  • Is Mama Dee suing Lil’ Scrappy’s ex Diamond?

    Hip Hop & Lawsuits

    Is Mama Dee suing Lil’ Scrappy’s ex Diamond for slander? That’s the question everyone wants to know. Tuesday night, the new Oxygen T.I executive produced reality show “Sisterhood of Hip Hop” debuted as the highest viewed freshman show in the Oxygen Network history. The cast includes some new and some familiar faces in female Hip Hop community such as Siya, Brianna Perry, Bia, Nyemiah Supreme and Atl femcee Diamond, who once dated rappers Soulja Boy and Lil’ Scrappy.

    With that being said, when you’re on the newest/most talked about reality show on tv I guess lawsuits come with the territory. During the premiere episode made references to old issues she had with Rapper Lil’ Scrappy and his overbearing mother, Mama Dee. She claims Lil’ Scrappy abused her, cheated on her and stole from her. She also alleges Scrappy’s mother, who goes by Momma Dee, specifically stole her clothes and jewelry. Well Mama Dee didn’t take too kindly to Diamond dragging her and her son’s name through the mud on national tv.

    Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 4.18.40 PM

    Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 4.18.55 PM

    Momma Dee’s publicist issued the following statement.

    “It is unfortunate that Ms.Carpentero aka Diamond continues to slander my client and her son in the press. The relationship between my client’s son and Ms. Carpentero ended years ago yet she continues to talk about Momma Dee in a negative light, most recently making false claims that my client stole property. We are not taking such accusations lightly and will use the appropriate channels to handle the defamation of character should Ms. Carpentero continue to make said claims. We wish Diamond well in all her future endeavors.”

    Lil’ Scrappy decided to throw subliminal and not so subliminal shots at Diamond via instragram with a posting that reads “Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people, just don’t care” and a snippet of his new record “Build A Bitch”. Sidenote: Who’s checking for new music from Lil Scrappy? lmfao

    @ReallilScrappy subliminal shots

    @ReallilScrappy subliminal shots

    @ReallilScrappy not so subliminal shot

    @ReallilScrappy not so subliminal shot

    -Crawford Confidentials

  • SISTERHOOD OF HIP-HOP: Episode 1 Recap

    Series Premiere Recap

    The show starts off with the resident Brooklyn bred lesbian rapper Siya. she’s here to prove a point and says it’s not about the money. What she’s trying to prove I’m still trying to figure out. In comes Renaye, Siya’s girlfriend, she just feels like bad news and on top of that Siya is frustrated with her label head R&B singer Tank. He seems untamable, hence her being sent voicemail when she calls him.

    The Brooklyn bred lesbian femcee Siya.

    The Brooklyn bred lesbian femcee Siya.

    Brianna Perry, the Poe Boy Princess is on the scene, her and her momager. She has a lot going on, balancing a career and school. Brianna doesn’t seem to take too kindly to have Kiki her momager coaching her through her sessions. She’s grown now and feels like she’s been attached to her mom’s hip for long enough and is taking the step to move into her own place. Personally she seems like the most relatable on the show and most likely the one to watch.

    (From l to r) Brianna Perry & momager Kiki.

    (From l to r) Brianna Perry & momager Kiki.

    Click here to read more.

    -Crawford Confidentials

  • Is This The Reason 50 Cent Robbed Slowbucks At Summer Jam

    Here’s an interesting theory on why 50 cent may have a beef with Slow Bucks and it kind of make sense.Take a look at the video and judge for yourself.

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Hi peeps... Join www.pplevivo.com and meet,chat,get updates from around the world and many more...You are far from usual!

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Every super woman needs a super man>>>>>>>>>>

Hi peeps... Join www.farfromusual.com and meet,chat,get updates from around the world and many more...You are far from usual!

by Ade